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Welcome to HotSauce Bawse, your ultimate destination for premium, FLAVORFUL artisanal hot sauces made with love and passion! We pride ourselves on being the FIRST company that is committed to using only the finest, and FRESHEST ingredients in every bottle we create. No chemicals, Dyes or Preservatives!

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"I recently tried the hot sauce and it's packed with so much flavor! What's even better is that it's low in sodium, making it a healthier option. I've been putting it on everything from eggs to tacos and it always adds that extra kick of freshness. Highly recommend giving it a try! P.S. The label is not as hot as it looks! I say it's a mild /medium"

AJ Levis

"Hot Sauce Bawse is hands down the best hot sauce I've ever tasted! I buy 5 bottles at a time because it goes so fast in my household. The perfect balance of heat and flavor,'s the ultimate condiment for any meal. Highly recommend giving it a try"

Alina Sheffield

"The Sauce is a delicious and flavorful addition to any meal. Perfect balance of heat and flavor, it's must-try for any hot sauce lover."

Dave Woods

"I recently tried the hot sauce from this company I have to say, I'm hooked! The blend of spices and peppers is unlike anything I've tasted before. It's not just aiment, it's a flavor experience that has made me a customer for life. I highly recommend giving it a try!"

Nicole Yang

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At Hot Sauce Bawse, we believe that great flavor starts with exceptional ingredients. That's why all of our peppers are fresh, nurtured by the Florida sun and nourished with rainwater. We have carefully selected a variety of peppers to offer a diverse range of flavors and heat levels. From the fiery habaneros to the smoky chipotle, each pepper is handpicked at the peak of ripeness to ensure the utmost quality and flavor.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to providing a fresh and natural hot sauce experience. 

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Our hot sauce is handcrafted with meticulous care. We believe that every bottle should be a work of art, which is why we take the time to create each batch individually, ensuring that every bottle of Hot Sauce Bawse is of the highest quality. From the precise blending of peppers to the addition of other carefully selected ingredients, our process is a labor of love aimed at delivering the perfect balance of flavor and heat. We sold out last month, so grab a few bottles at a time!

Green jalapeño peppers cut open showing the seeds
Hotsauce bawse bottle
A variety of peppers, green, yellow, red, orange, laying on top of each other hot sauce boss
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At Hot Sauce Bawse, we're thrilled to announce that there are exciting new flavors on the horizon! Whether you have a penchant for the lively jalapeños, the daring ghost chili peppers, or the fiery reaper peppers, we're crafting hot sauces that will tantalize your taste buds. Our extensive array of flavors and heat intensities ensures there's something for everyone – from those seeking a gentle kick to the heat aficionados in pursuit of an unforgettable culinary experience.

Join us on a flavorful journey where we seamlessly blend organic ingredients and handcrafted excellence. At Hot Sauce Bawse, our commitment to quality, sustainability, and extraordinary taste forms the bedrock of our company. So, seize the opportunity, enhance your meals, and let Hot Sauce Bawse become your preferred hot sauce brand for all your culinary escapades. And stay tuned, as we'll be unveiling even more exciting flavors in the future!

Red chili pepper, steaming on a fork
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