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We are fully re-stocked with Hotsauce Bawse Thai-Tastic Blend! It's SOOOOO GOOD! We already sold 75 bottles since our Restock! 👀 This is a PREMIUM hot sauce. We are far superior to those cheap salt based hot sauces you find in the store. They are loaded with sodium, made with pepper paste, chemicals, preservatives, food coloring dyes and weird words we can't pronounce.

HOTSAUCE BAWSE is made with 100% all natural ingredients!! Low sodium, perfect balance of heat and flavor! You can put this on EVERYTHING! 👀♥️🔥🌶 Grab a bottle today and experience what a true premium hotsauce tastes like! 👌 Thank you to everyone who supports our small family owned business. We love you all and love seeing all the photos of you enjoying the sauce! 😊

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