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That was quick!

Warning: Long read... 😪

So, we never thought we would be saying this so soon... but.. We sold out of Hotsauce Bawse!! 🤩 We sold over 432 bottles!! 🤯 Selling all over the country! 🇺🇲 Everyone in my post office knows me by first name now! 🤣

We started running projections at the end of November and we were selling so much online & locally that if it kept going we would of been out before Christmas!

So we had to move fast and start a fermentation of an 80 gallon batch! Rose, Rico and myself spent 16 hours on a Sunday, at our amazing friend Anastasia commercial kitchen "This momma cooks & co" prepping 100's of pounds of peppers, onions, cilantro, garlic, mandarin oranges, limes and seasonings to fill these 4 huge barrels to the top! By 230am we were so exhausted.. BUT this new batch will be mixed, cooked and bottled the first week of January! By our amazing co-packer Ashlynn's Gourmet! Perfect timing! 👌

We did keep a few bottles on hand so we could still fulfill orders coming in and our monthly subscription members.. but we are down to the wire! Only 10 bottles left! Thank you to everyone who fell in love with our first flavor "Thai-Tastic Blend" and we have some exciting new flavors in the works.😋

It's a LOT of work to create the finished product and we are so different than any other hot sauces on the market.

We only use the freshest ingredients. We Never use any pastes, chemicals, added salt, or weird additives. It's an all natural low sodium hot sauce that you can use on ANYTHING! pizza, wings, Chinese food, sandwiches, soups you name it!

The tastiest hot sauce packed with so much flavor and the perfect amount of heat! Don't be intimidated by the label! 😁

Follow the page--> Hot Sauce Bawse

Thank you so much to everyone who shares our stuff and left awesome photo reviews! We appreciate you all!! ❤️

Check us out at 🔥🌶

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